[Psalms诗 119:130] (KJV) The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.祢的言語一解開就發出亮光,使愚人通達。

Zechariah 撒迦4:6 ...This is the word of YAHUWAH unto Zerubbabel‚ saying‚ Not by might‚ nor by power‚ but by My Ruach ha Qodesh (English: "Set Apart Spirit”)‚ says YAHUWAH of hosts.不是倚靠勢力,不是倚靠才能,乃是倚靠【雅吾瓦】的靈方能成事。(Ruach ha Qodesh 如阿。哈古迭士 即分别为聖的 聖靈= Truth真理 = YAHUWAH’S Light 【雅吾瓦】的光) [John 约16:13]

PerfectGiftOrg.com (PGO): 完美禮物

  • Is an operating Ministry . . . Led by YAHUWAH’S Light 是在【雅吾瓦】的光領導下的事工
  • Dedicated to serving the Father‚ His Son the Messiah‚ and Set Apart Spirit致力於服事聖父,聖子彌賽雅及聖靈
  • Use only the Hebraic Names for Each‚ and not the Greco–Roman names只以上古希伯來原發音來稱呼父【雅吾瓦】與子【雅吾贖瓦】的聖名
  • Is based on Scripture . . . and not the doctrines of man是基於聖經。。。 而不是人為的教義
  • Is not religious any way‚ shape‚ or form棄絕宗教主義的任何方式,作法或形式
  • Is a Private Membership Organization open all persons regardless of religious or cultural background‚ focused on YAHUWAH . . .是私人會員組織,無論任何宗教或文化背景,PGO開放給所有願意尋求創造主YHWH【雅吾瓦】的人


Perfect Gift

PerfectGiftOrg.com (PGO) Ministry

PGO is organized in Wyoming‚ USA as a "For Profit” Corporation that is dedicated to serving the one and only YAHUWAH Aloahiym by operating as an interface between His Righteous Reign (Light) and the.....

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Private Membership Organization

Private Membership Organization

While PerfectGiftOrg.com (PGO) is an operating Ministry‚ it is also a Private Membership Organization consisting of its Members and PGO’S founding Principals and staff. PGO Membership is more than an opportunity.....

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Synopsis of Ministry–Led Business Venture and PGO

This Ministry–Led Business Venture is created‚ empowered‚ appointed and administered by YAHUWAH Aloahiym (through the principals) to establish a new type of Financial Composium AND to create and hold.....

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PGO Members are promised to personally and intimately experience YAHUWAH’S Light
. . . the infinite attributes of YAHUWAH Aloahiym are in His Light. PGO會員被承諾將親身體驗到創造主完全的光...至高全能者【雅吾瓦】的無限屬性就在祂的光中.. . . . [1 John约 1:5]

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Become a PGO Member . . . and become a part of the next greatest move of YAHUWAH since the Day of Pentecost (Hebrew: Shavuot)!!! 現在就成為PGO會員..並參與到自五旬節以來天父【雅吾瓦】在人間最重大的行動(希伯來語:Shavuot)!Acts使 2:1; Eph弗5:13; Rev啟 11:15; Luke路 21:36

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Jeremiah耶33:3 Call unto me‚ and I will answer thee‚ and shew thee great and mighty things‚ which thou knowest not.你求告我,我就應允你,並將你所不知道、又大又難的事指示你。 

James雅各1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above‚ and comes down (from YAHUWAH Aloahiym‚ our Creator) Father of lights‚ with whom is no variableness‚ neither shadow of turning. 各樣美善的恩賜和各樣全備的賞賜都是從上頭來的,從眾光之父(我们的创造主【雅吾瓦】那裡降下來的;在祂並沒有改變,也沒有轉動的影兒。